Background Investigations

There are many reasons for conducting a background investigation:


  • Pre-Employment - Protect your business from potential employee theft or to gain insight into a prospective employee's morals and ethics.


  • Hiring a babysitter - Know who will be watching your children while you're away. Just because their name is not on the sex offender's registry does not mean they have a clean history.


  • Hiring a caregiver - Our parents are getting older and rely on us to take care of them, but it's difficult to do alone; especially if you have young kids or work full-time. Protect your parents the same way they protected you.


  • Buying a business - Do your due diligence before making any type of significant investment. Know why the owner is selling as well as the business's history. 


  • Relationships - More and more singles are going online to meet people. If you find "the one," make sure he's not the one who just got out of jail.


  • Identity Theft - There are so many scams that sound legit but cause a devastating financial loss to the unsuspecting victim. Before you send money or get that Greendot card to pay your taxes, get more information.

Whatever your reason may be, Hipps Investigative Services will find anything that is there or isn’t there.  An investigator will discuss in detail what you are looking for and go over any restrictions that could apply.  Once we know what you want, we will customize an investigation strategy to fit your needs.