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Sadly, some marriages end because the other spouse can’t remain faithful. Both men and women cheat, and it’s not fair to the other party. If you have that “gut feeling” that’s something is not right, don’t wait to find out. Call us today, and we will have a private investigator on your case quickly.


Signs Your Partner Could be Cheating on You

After seeing numerous relationships fail due to infidelity, I’ve noted some of the warning signs below. The behaviors listed below pertain to a change in the way your partner acts now versus how he or she used to act.  If he or she has always been quiet and withdrawn, that is probably not one of the signs you need to consider as a warning sign.


·       Doesn’t help around the house anymore

·       Makes you feel like you are a burden

·       Quiet and withdrawn from you and/or family activities

·       Constantly starts arguments with you

·       Becomes bored or disinterested in you, the family, or his job

·       Starts wearing nicer clothes

·       Buys you clothes you wouldn’t normally wear (too tight, too revealing, too  


·       Grooming styles change

·       Intimacy is gone

·       Sex life is either non-existent or suddenly way kinkier

·       Constantly working late or odd hours

·       You catch your spouse in lies

·       Becomes more secretive – adds or changes passcode to phone, leaves the

        room when taking calls, never leaves the phone unattended, abruptly ends


        when you enter the room, whispers into the phone, constantly texting and

        immediately deleting the conversation, has trouble answering simple

        questions like, “ Who were you talking to?”

·       Finances become separate without explanation

·       Credit card bills get sent to an office address instead of the home address

·       Starts accusing you of cheating


If you have that “gut feeling” and are experiencing some of these warning signs in your relationship, don’t stress yourself out wondering what your spouse is up to or get yourself in legal trouble trying to find out on your own.  Contact us today for a free consultation so we can get you the answers you deserve. 

Don't sit home alone wondering what if. Get the answers.
Divorce Investigations

Unfortunately, some marriages have an expiration date. It could be anything from the two of you have grown apart to you suspect your spouse of being unfaithful and every possibility in between. Regardless of the reason, you owe it to yourself to know the truth and to avoid any surprises. We will work side by side with your attorney and testify in court.


Things to consider in a divorce:

  • Child Custody

  • Assets

  • Equitable distribution of property

  • Spousal Support


Consult with your attorney to determine

if hiring a private investigator could be

beneficial to your case.










Child Custody Investigations


When parents divorce, custody is often a topic fueled by emotions.  Georgia courts consider many things when awarding custody to a parent, but the most important factors are what is in the child’s best interest and what will best promote the child's welfare and happiness. 


If you have any concerns about the safety and welfare of your child when he or she is with the other parent, or you want to know who or what your child is being exposed to when he or she is not with you,

contact Hipps Investigative Services to get a

private investigator on the case quickly.


Consult with your attorney to determine if hiring

a private investigator could be beneficial to

your case.

It's what is in the child's best interest.