People Searches

Are you searching for someone from the recent or distant past?  If so, let us help you. 

Who do we find?

  • Runaways

  • Missing people (may or may not include foul play)

  • Ex-Spouse who owes alimony or child support

  • Owner of found property

Hipps Investigative Services will always respect the privacy of the persons being sought.  Some circumstances require that the person found sign a release form giving us permission to share their information with our client (i.e. situations involving adoptions). In the event the found person denies the release of their information but wants to communicate with our client indirectly, we will act as the mediator.

Under no circumstances will we locate someone to assist a client with criminal activity (i.e. stalking). We reserve the right to request a criminal history check at the expense of the potential client prior to accepting a case.

In some cases, it is necessary to investigate further.  For example, a surveillance investigator may have to do mobile or static surveillance to confirm the right person and/or the correct address has been located.