• Kara Hipps

About Me!

Hipps Investigative Services was founded by me, Kara Hipps. I am native of Georgia where I grew up in a small town. As a little girl, I dreamt of being a cop. I was inquisitive and loved to solve puzzles. My competitive nature wouldn’t allow me to give up until all the pieces were in place. This is true still today.

I was hired by the Covington Police Department in 2011. I graduated Athens Regional Police Academy and received the Franklin Thornton Academic Award for Excellence. In 2012, I received the Officer of the Year Award and Rookie of the Year Award. I also received two Meritorious Service Awards for Life Saving Investigations and a Humanitarian Service Award during my service with the Covington Police Department.

I quickly worked my way up to the Criminal Investigation Division as a Detective and specialized in fraud. Over the course of six years, I made hundreds of successful cases pertaining to fraud, burglaries, assaults, batteries, robberies, homicides, thefts, elderly exploitations, and shopliftings.

After fulfilling my dream of becoming a police officer and a detective, I had another dream. I wanted to open my own private investigation firm. Due to policy restraints, I couldn’t do both. I left the police department and opened Hipps Investigative Services, LLC. Between my husband and I, we offer over 17 years of combined law enforcement training to our clients.

My training and experience as a law enforcement officer taught me so much; however, integrity was the most important attribute I learned from being an officer. Once your integrity is compromised as an officer, you no longer have a job. The same is true with private investigations.

Other skills I developed as an officer was how to locate people. I became proficient in utilizing my resources to find people who didn’t want to be found. I also became skilled in other areas such as, surveillance, undercover assignments, report writing, courtroom testimony and much more.

In addition to my law enforcement experience, I have Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and I am Certified Fraud Examiner, as well as a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

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