Surveillance is one of the most important tools for a private investigator as it is used in a variety of cases.  It enables a PI to obtain information and/or evidence for infidelity investigations, missing person cases, criminal and civil cases, insurance fraud and worker's compensation cases, employee thefts, child custody cases, divorce cases, and many more.


Surveillance can be conducted with good ole' fashioned stake-outs, covert cameras, or with the use of GPS tracking devices.  The video evidence obtained by private investigators can eliminate costly court fees and hours spent in court by encouraging out of court settlements.


A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video can save you thousands!


Although private investigators are permitted by law to conduct surveillance, they cannot break the law to do so.  They must remain on public property or obtain permission from the property owner before entering private property.  Additionally, a private investigator is not permitted to travel over the posted speed limit, run red lights, or break any other state laws during the course of business.